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    Pacific Pro Wrestling presents 'SHOWDOWN 3'

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    Pacific Pro Wrestling returns to Ipswich for the first time since May with Showdown 3! This year-ending event has become an annual tradition that has seen some of Pacific Pro's biggest moments. In the first instalment of the event AJ Istria downed 'Iron Jay' Ben Coles to win his first Pacific Heavyweight Championship. We also saw the Australian debut of former Wrestle-1 Japan star, Rionne Fujiwara; and Kellie Skater defended the Women's Championship against Toni Storm. In the second edition Istria defended the Heavyweight title against modern-day legend 'Jag' Hartley Jackson, Tim Kade battled Joe Haze to a double countout in the most violent match in Pacific Pro history and we saw Thirteen and Ricky Rembrandt between the orange ropes for the first time.

    Don't miss what will no doubt be a history making third edition of the Showdown event!

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    Pacific Heavyweight Championship
    "The Ultimate Athlete" AJ Istria (C) vs Johnny "Drama" Lukas

    A conflict that has been brewing for two years. A friendship that has existed for many before that. These two former training partners will finally face off in the main event of SHOWDOWN 3. Back at the first P-1 Tournament, AJ Istria defeated Johnny Lukas in the first round to advance and eventually win. This loss put doubt in Lukas' mind as to the legitimacy of his career. A year later at the second tournament, Lukas was out to prove a point and saw winning the tournament as the career-defining moment he was after. In round one he defeated Thirteen but once again came up against AJ Istria. Istria was again victorious, and again won the tournament. Lukas joined Istria in celebration for the trophy presentation ceremony, but it was a front. When Istria turned to the fans, Lukas turned on Istria with a nasty cheap shot and then an attack with the trophy.

    Istria regained the Heavyweight title from Jonah Rock and Lukas advanced his stock with a victory over rising star Rufio and at the end of our last event challenged Istria to put the title on the line. Istria accepted and these two former friends will finally settle the score!


    Pacific Women's Championship
    Kellyanne (C) vs "The Hardcore Bitch" Vixsin

    One of Australia's longest running rivalries makes it's way to Queensland. Throughout their storied careers these two Melbourne-based athletes have fought around the country. Pacific Pro fans will be familiar with the reigning champion Kellyanne, who debuted here in 2014 with a decisive victory over Sara Jay and has spent much of this year battling Kellie Skater in a nation-wide war that has seen Kellyanne become the most successful Women's champion in our history. Since our last event she has also had a successful tour of the United States, wrestling for SHIMMER Women's Athletes and SHINE Wrestling.

    Every woman that has wrestled on Pacific Pro Wrestling events has international experience and Vixsin is no exception. She has many tours of Japan under her belt and one of her career highlights is a main event for World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana against Japanese legend Kyoko Inoue. Vixsin made an appearance at PROWL Wrestling in Cleveland, QLD in October where she dominated New Zealand's Scarlett and looks to be right at home in Queensland. Kellyanne and Vixsin squared off recently for Warzone Wrestling in Victoria with Vixsin walking away with what was Kellyanne's Warzone Women's title.

    Both women are coming in with hot momentum and immense familiarity with one another. This match will be a true test.

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    Pacific Light Heavyweight Championship
    "The King of Swag" Lucas Gold (C) vs Ricky Rembrandt

    Back at Wrestling Carnival, Lucas Gold was victorious over Ricky Rembrandt. These two men have fought around the state since then in a series of non-title matches. Queensland Championship Wrestling (QCW) on the Sunshine Coast and PROWL Wrestling at Cleveland saw two fantastic matches. Given the competitive nature of these matches, Pacific Pro management has decided to pit these two against each other once again, with the Pacific Light Heavyweight title on the line.


    Alex Shepard vs Rufio

    Two of the fastest rising stars on the Queensland circuit collide in the hotly anticipated matchup. The leader of the villianous Uprising group will battle the "young hero from Neverland" Rufio in a true test of good vs evil. Both athletes have recently seen success albeit in different ways. Rufio in the more traditional manner by defeating Jonah Rock earlier this year to become the Australian Wrestling Alliance (AWA) Heavyweight Champion, a title which he has defended in AWA throughout the year. Alex Shepard has walked out of most of matches in a dominant position irrespective of the result. Shepard and The Uprising group have been utilising a gang mentality and beating down opponents since their formation back in May.

    Rufio's fought with monsters in the past, but will the numbers and unorthodox tactics of Shepard prove to be his undoing? With both men in such a similiar position - this match is bound to have implications on the upcoming third P-1 Tournament.


    Thirteen's Open Challenge

    At Wrestling Carnival Thirteen wrestled the biggest match in his career. He challenged AJ Istria for the Pacific Heavyweight title. And came up short. One has to wonder what's next for one of the revelations of 2015. Thirteen has been granted the opportunity by the Booking Committee to offer an open challenge. Desperate to regain the fall in stock he suffered after the Istria defeat, Thirteen will take on anyone.

    Tim Kade vs Triple X Rated

    Two of the most entertaining light heavyweights in Pacific Pro will do battle in a match that is bound to factor into title contention. The former Mystery, Tim Kade has been training intensely in the gym and has gotten his body into fantastic shape. Newfound strength gains have seen him alter his wrestling style to mixed success. Triple X Rated, the veteran from New Zealand and one half of the Powerhouse Players has also been putting the hours in the gym and is in peak physical condition. In his first appearance for Pacific Pro he walked away with a victory over Ricky Rembrandt and in his latest, walked away from Sam Richards leaving him to the Uprising.

    Both men are decorated champions on the Queensland circuit and the winner of this match is bound to be on the road to a shot at Pacific gold.

    Six Man Tag Match
    The Street Revolution (Lynx Lewis Jr, Renegade) & Sam Richards vs The Uprising (Team Fight or Die (Chet Jacobs, Blair Seeker) & Astro Shock)

    The war continues. The Street Revolution are the current Pacific Tag Team champions. At Wrestling Carnival they defeated Team Fight or Die. The Uprising defeated The Powerhouse Players (PHP) and Sam Richards in a six-man tag when PHP walked out on Richards leaving him to receive a gang-style beating. The Street Revolution attempted to make the save but were cut short by Fight or Die, who announced their allegiance to the Uprising. At SHOWDOWN 3 Sam Richards and the Street Revolution will be seeking redemption against the Uprising.

    Watch this page as well as our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for up-to-the-minute information as more wrestlers are announced and match-ups are made!





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