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Pacific Pro Wrestling returns to Bundamba on September 3!



Blair Seeker, Bryce McAllister & Astro Shock (UPRISING) vs TJ Warrior, Sam Richards & Bobby Bishop


This event will kickoff with one of our trademark six-man tag team matchups as the established unit of The Uprising take on TJ Warrior, Sam Richards and the debuting Bobby Bishop. Warrior and Richards are no strangers to The Uprising and tensions will be high between the two groups.



Ricky Rembrandt vs Lynx Lewis Jr (STREET REVOLUTION)


After a series of losses Ricky Rembrandt is becoming a desperate man. Not only fighting for a chance at title contention, Rembrandt is fighting to justify his wrestling career. Tag Team Champion Lynx Lewis Jr of the Street Revolution returns after an injury induced absence from our last event which cost him inclusion in the Light Heavyweight Title Tournament. While currently holding the Tag Team prize alongside Renegade, Lynx has a burning desire to reclaim the Light Heavyweight title and this match could be the first step on that journey.



Harley Wonderland vs RieBell


Following the four-way match at our last event, many believe Harley Wonderland was robbed. In her Pacific Pro Wrestling debut she had the fall all but clinched after laying RieBell out with a Gory Bomb. It was crafty champion Kellyanne who stole victory however when she threw Wonderland out of the ring and claimed the pinfall that kept her champion. Harley Wonderland however will have another chance to fight for the title should she be able to repeat the situation. Four months later though, RieBell isn’t the same competitor. After increased training and a lot more matches under her belt around the Queensland circuit - the task will be significantly harder.



JL Gold vs Thirteen


Former Light Heavyweight Champion Lucas Gold - now going by ‘JL Gold’ returns to Pacific Pro Wrestling after a seven month hiatus. In that time he has been training to enter the Heavyweight division. This match will be his first in the division. Gold will square off against former Heavyweight title contender Thirteen.



Tim Kade vs Renegade (STREET REVOLUTION)


After an outstanding match-up in the final of the Light Heavyweight Title Tournament that saw Tim Kade walk away champion. Current Tag Team champion Renegade put in a quality performance and the Championship Committee has decided to reward him with a rematch based on that. This time around Kade will have the champion’s advantage.



AJ Istria vs Alex Shepard (UPRISING)


The 2016 P-1 finalist Alex Shepard will take on the 2014 and 2015 P-1 winner, former three-time Heavyweight Champion AJ Istria. Shepard has had a very strong year this year, bouyed by the formation of his Uprising group. AJ Istria however, is the most decorated athlete in Pacific Pro Wrestling. After losing the Heavyweight title under questionable circumstances and an absence from the 2016 P-1 Tournament, Istria is coming off a loss to Heavyweight title contender (and 2016 P-1 winner) Australian Wolf. This match will be Istria’s chance to turn his year around, but it won’t be an easy task. This is the biggest match of Shepard’s career and he has momentum on his side. Istria won’t only have to deal with Shepard but also the Uprising group. The result of this match will play heavily in talks of title contention.



Johnny Lukas vs Rufio


The reigning champion defends against the returning challenger. Rufio has been out of action since February after sustaining an ankle injury on the day of the 2016 P-1 Tournament. Johnny Lukas has welcomed Rufio back to the fold with the offer of a title shot. With the rightful number one contender Australian Wolf currently on tour with Michinoku Pro Wrestling in Japan - this is a huge opportunity for Rufio to upset the champion and establish himself as the top dog in Pacific Pro. Rufio’s injury would definitely be a focus of the champion’s strategy heading into this contest and given the less than honourable wrestling style favoured by Lukas - there could more than a title at stake here.