In May Pacific Pro Wrestling returns to where it all began. We are back at Bundamba State Secondary College!
Bundamba was our home throughout our first year and we are proud to be back for 'CHAMPIONS'.

For our fans at Acacia Ridge - don't worry, we haven't forgotten you! We'll be back at the Acacia Ridge Hotel later this year.
Bundamba is only twenty minutes down the Ipswich Motorway anyway - you won't want to miss this show!

'CHAMPIONS' will see every title in Pacific Pro Wrestling on the line. That's right - the Heavyweight, Light Heavyweight AND Tag Team Titles will be defended. Aren't we forgetting something? Yes. You will also see the return of Women's Champion, and international superstar KELLIE SKATER!

Check both here and our Facebook for the latest regarding matches at the event.


jrock VS p12 istria

Pacific Heavyweight Championship - 1 fall, 45 minute time limit.
Jonah Rock (5th Champion) vs AJ Istria (P-1 Winner)

Back in May, AJ Istria defeated Rionne Fujiwara in Shinjuku, Japan to claim his second Heavyweight title. Since then Istria has been a proud champion, winning the AWA Heavyweight title and defending both belts together as the Queensland Double Crown. He has taken on all comers with a record setting ten defences. After dispensing of Hartley Jackson at our season ender SHOWDOWN at Acacia Ridge - he had one more match to go before being able to take a well-deserved break over the off-season. In this match however, Jonah Rock walked away with all the gold. Already the Wrestle Rampage Australian Heavyweight Champion, Rock added another two titles to his collection and was crowned the Australian Triple Crown champion.

Istria however didn't take the loss lightly. He spent the off-season training and came out swinging at the P-1 Tournament in February. With the winner granted a shot at the Pacific Heavyweight title - Istria despatched of Tim Kade and Johnny Lukas before beating Hartley Jackson in a thrilling final. Upon his victory - training partner Johnny Lukas entered the ring to congratulate the new number one contender... or so it seemed! One low blow later, Lukas laid Istria out with a DDT onto the P-1 trophy.

Jonah Rock has been touring with Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan since winning the gold and has recently returned to Australia to begin training for this match. Istria will also be training hard to reclaim his title - but who knows what affect Lukas' betrayal will have on him.

goldgold vs timkade

Pacific Light Heavyweight Championship - 1 fall, 30 minute time limit
Lucas Gold (4th Champion) vs Tim Kade

A young Lucas Gold unsuccessfully challenged Joel Bateman for the Light Heavyweight title back in November of 2013. Since then he's adopted a change in attitude and now carries himself with a lot more swag. This new attitude would prove successful when he replaced Bateman at the P-1 Tournament and managed to steal a victory - and the title - from Lynx Lewis Jr. The first title of note for Gold.

Tim Kade (formerly known as Mystery) also challenged Joel Bateman and was unsuccessful. Twice. His last shot at the title was in July of 2013. Kade spent most of 2014 focusing on training and has evolved into a completely different competitor. During a match with Joe Haze last year Mystery was busted open and had to remove the mask to regain his visibility, or fight at a disadvantage. Tim Kade has been one of the most talked about wrestlers on the Queensland circuit and after a strong showing in the P-1 Tournament against AJ Istria has been granted this opportunity by the Championship Committee.

wolvestagthumb vs streetiesprowl

Pacific Tag Team Championship - 1 fall, 30 minute time limit
The Wolves of the Sea [Australian Wolf, Koi Bombora] (3rd Champions) vs The Street Revolution [Lynx Lewis Jr, Renegade]

The Wolves of the Sea currently hold both the Pacific and AWA Tag Team Championships. They've carried these belts with pride and are likely to hit the twelve month mark. They've unquestionably been regarded as the best team in the state. Until the question came up. At PROWL Wrestling in March, The Street Revolution became the first PROWL Super Tag Cup Champions and afterward made the same claim. The Championship Committee has signed both teams to compete, with the Pacific Tag Team titles at stake. It's a battle of the top two teams, but only one can walk away the best.

Pacific Women's Championship
Kellie Skater (2nd Champion) vs ...

Back in 2013 Kellie Skater defeated Madison Eagles to win the Pacific Women's Championship. Since then Skater has wrestled in the USA for SHIMMER Women's Athletes (record-setting former Tag Champion with Tomoka Nakagawa) and Shine, as well as an extended stay in Japan for Stardom. The international superstar is one of Australia's top exports and has been signed to defend the Pacific Women's title on May 16. But who will her opponent be?