November 15 brings about Pacific Pro Wrestling - Showdown 2 at the Acacia Ridge Hotel.


After a sensational show back in June, we are back to Acacia Ridge Hotel with our November annual Showdown!

Doors open at 6:30pm
Show starts at 7pm

Tickets are available for pre-purchase online and at the venue. General admission tickets will also be available at the door on the night.

Adult - $20
Kids under 15 - $10
VIP - $60

VIP Package includes;
- table seating
- Plated main meal
- Plated dessert and;
- 2 hour beverage package including; beer (Hahn Super Dry, XXXX Gold, Hahn Premium Light, Shiraz, Savignon Blanc, Sparkling and soft drinks)




Acacia Ridge Hotel - Basement Bar
1386 Beaudesert Road, ACACIA RIDGE
Brisbane, Queensland.

Pacific & AWA Heavyweight Title Match

Pacific Light Heavyweight Title Match

Last year the then-Light Heavyweight champion Joel Bateman took Lynx Lewis Jr and Renegade under his wing as proteges. Under Bateman, the two started teaming with success. Bateman's treatment of them though was somewhat questionable and while defending his title against a myriad of challengers - his two proteges were never allowed to enter contention.

At Acacia Ridge in June, Bateman was scheduled to defend against Koi Bombora but deemed he hadn't earnt the right, making him beat Lynx to do so. Lynx however would get the win and exploit his victory into the title match he was denied for so long. Once presented with the opportunity Lynx seized it and defeated his mentor, becoming champion in the process.

After the months of mistreatment and being held down - Lynx has offered Renegade, his partner in crime and close friend the chance he's never been given. November 15 will see a battle of two friends, a battle to find out who is the best - and to find out who will walk away with the Light Heavyweight title.

Grudge Match

In June at Acacia Ridge, Mystery wrestled Jake Nova. The match was thrown out however when Joe Haze interrupted with a vicious attack on the masked marvel. You can see footage of the incident in the attached link (YouTube). After discussions with both men, Pacific Pro has decided to sanction a wrestling match between the two.


Check back as we announce more details on what should be a blockbuster event.

Here's what our fans had to say about the Pacific Pro experience;

"Great night out! Good crowd. Great matches!" - D Jay Wolf

"VIP was excellent! The venue was boss as well, it really suitss it " - Benjamin John

"Had a great night, it was action packed as always. 5 stars for a great night out. " - Ruth Kropp

"Attended the live wrestling event here and was brilliant. These guys put on a great show, the space was perfect and the service top notch. Great work to the wrasslers and Acacia Ridge Hotel. " - Greg Prowse