After much deliberation, Pacific Pro Wrestling is proud to announce our annual awards.

First up is the Most Popular Wrestler of the Year, last year won by Lucas Gold. We gave you the opportunity to have your say and we thank you for voting. This year we experienced a far greater number of voters than last year. The winner is Mystery. Mystery holds the distinction of being the competitor to appear on the most Pacific Pro shows, appearing on 10 out of 11 so far.


The following awards were determined by the Pacific Pro Awards Committee.

Heavyweight Wrestler of the Year, goes to (for the second year running) AJ Istria. Istria has had a stellar year in winning the first P-1 Tournament and having successful defences of the Heavyweight title against Australian Wolf and Hartley Jackson on Pacific shows. Thanks to our working relationship with AWA, Istria has managed to unite their Heavyweight title with ours and has had the opportunity to defend against many tough opponents including former NWA World Champion Adam Pearce. Istria also travelled to Japan as champion for Wrestling New Classic where he traded the belt with Rionne Fujiwara. Having lost the belts at the end of 2014 to Jonah Rock, Istria will return in 2015 with a point to prove.


Light Heavyweight Wrestler of the Year (last year won by Joel Bateman) goes to Lynx Lewis Jr. 2014 has been a standout year for Junior. After spending 2013 under the thumb of Joel Bateman he saw an opportunity and took it to unseat Bateman as Light Heavyweight Champion. Junior has wrestled around the country appearing in Adelaide, Melbourne and Port Macquarie. Whether or not Junior can retain the Light Heavyweight title through 2015 remains to be seen.


Woman of the Year (last year won by Madison Eagles). In a year of limited shows and with our champion Kellie Skater having overseas commitments, we have seen less of the women this year than last. The award for Woman of the Year 2014 will go to Sara Jay. While not having picked up a win this year, Sara has had two strong showings against two top-level talents. In February she battled Toni Storm, who since the inception of Pacific Pro has wrestled around Australia as well as Japan, England and Italy. At our tenth show she squared up against Kellyanne English who also has Australia-wide experience and has wrestled in Mexico as well as Canada - where she trained with Lance Storm and the legendary Hart family. Sara Jay has shown a lot of fight through these tough matches and we look forward to re-emphasising the women in 2015.


Match of the Year (last year won by Madison Eagles vs Kellie Skater from September 21). This award was the most difficult to decide with a number of top-quality matches to choose from. In the end the committee settled on Joel Bateman vs Robbie Eagles from February 22. The match was round 1 of the P-1 Tournament. Joel Bateman the Light Heavyweight champion at the time was unsuccessful in transitioning to the Heavyweight division the way Robbie Eagles has built a career on. We will be making an announcement soon as to how you can watch this fantastic match.


We'd like to congratulate all award winners and thank you - the fans - for voting in our Most Popular poll.

Photo credits: Just Julie, Just Wrestling. Haggard Clint.