The Pacific Heavyweight Championship represents the pinnacle of singles glory in Pacific Pro Wrestling. The belt represents the best wrestler in the Pacific. As Heavyweight is the highest weight class in Pacific Pro Wrestling - it represents an open weight championship. Light Heavyweight wrestlers are also permitted to fight for the title as in - line with other international sanctioning bodies - Pacific Pro Wrestling operates on an upper-weight class restriction basis.



2013/05/18 Ben Coles
      Defeated Ryan Eagles in a tournament final

      2013/05/18 - def Ryan Eagles at Bundamba, QLD
      2013/11/16 - loss to AJ Istria at Bundamba, QLD
Bundamba, QLD, Aus

2013/11/16 AJ Istria
      2013/11/16 - def Ben Coles at Bundamba, QLD
      2014/02/25 - loss to Rionne Fujiwara at Tokyo, JAPAN
Bundamba, QLD, Aus
2014/04/25 Rionne Fujiwara
      2014/04/25 - def AJ Istria at Tokyo, JAPAN1
      2014/05/18 - def Takuya Kito at Kawasaki, JAPAN1
      2014/05/29 - loss to AJ Istria at Shinjuku, JAPAN1
Tokyo, JAPAN
2014/05/29 AJ Istria (2)
      2014/05/29 - def Rionne Fujiwara at Shinjuku, JAPAN1
      2014/06/07 - def Jag Hartley Jackson at Fortitude Valley, QLD23
      2014/06/21 - def Australian Wolf at Acacia Ridge, QLD3
      2014/06/27 - def Adam Pearce at Bray Park, QLD23
      2014/07/05 - def Robby Heart & Rionne Fujiwara at Fortitude Valley, QLD23
      2014/08/02 - def Jesse Daniels at Fortitude Valley, QLD23
      2014/09/06 - def Joe Haze, Thirteen & Kyote at Fortitude Valley, QLD234
      2014/10/05 - def Wreckin Ball Wilson at Fortitude Valley, QLD23
      2014/11/01 - def Rufio at Bray Park, QLD23
      2014/11/16 - def Jag Hartley Jackson at Acacia Ridge, QLD3
      2014/11/22 - loss to Jonah Rock and Jag Hartley Jackson at Fortitude Valley235
Shinjuku, JAPAN
2014/11/22 Jonah Rock
      2014/11/22 - def AJ Istria and Jag Hartley Jackson at Fortitude Valley235
     2015/05/16 - loss to AJ Istria at Bundamba, QLD
Fortitude Valley, QLD, AUs
2015/05/16 AJ Istria (3)
      2015/05/16 - def Jonah Rock at Bundamba, QLD
      2015/08/15 - def Thirteen at Acacia Ridge, QLD
      2015/11/21 - loss to Johnny Lukas at Bundamba, QLD
Bundamba, QLD, Aus
2015/11/20 Johnny Lukas
      2015/11/21 - def AJ Istria at Bundamba, QLD
Bundamba, QLD, Aus

1 Match took place at Wrestling New Classic
2 Match took place at AWA (Australian Wrestling Alliance)
3 Also for AWA Heavyweight Championship
4 Teamed with Pacific/AWA Tag Champions Australian Wolf & Koi Bombora. All titles were on the line.
5 Also for Wrestle Rampage Australian National Championship