Rionne Fujiwara - Pacific Pro Wrestling

Rionne Fujiwara

Height: 5' 9" / 175cm
Weight: 192 lbs / 87 kgs
From: Gold Coast, QLD, Australia
via Tokyo, Japan
Debut: 2013
Website: Facebook, Twitter

Pacific Heavyweight Champion
2014/04/25 - 2014/05/29

Originally from Australia, the 2000 Queensland Karate Champion Rionne
McAvoy now calls Japan home. An accomplished martial artist McAvoy has
trained in karate, aikido and kickboxing.

While in Japan, McAvoy began his pro wrestling training under the tutelage of
former WWE superstar Yoshihiro Tajiri and former NJPW star Akira Nogami. He
debuted in February 2013 (the same month as the first Pacific Pro show).

In October of his debut year he wrestled Japanese legend Yoshiaki Fujiwara.
He earnt the respect of Fujiwara and was given the Fujiwara name. The next month
(under his original name) McAvoy wrestled his first match in Australia against the
Australian Wolverine at Pacific Pro's SHOWDOWN event.

Fujiwara challenged AJ Istria to a match for the Pacific Heavyweight Championship,
which was held at a Wrestling New Classic event at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan.
Fujiwara won the match and title with an armbar. After a successful title defence
against Takuya Kito, a rematch with Istria would prove to be Rionne's undoing.

On June 18th, it was annoucned by The Great Muta aka Keiji Mutoh, that Rionne and
5 of his fellow WNC wrestlers including Tajiri, would join his Wreste 1 promotion as
of July 1st, 2014

Upcoming matches:

Pacific record (1-0-0):
W - vs Australian Wolverine (2013/11/16 - SHOWDOWN

Rionne Fujiwara, Australian Wolverine - Pacific Pro Wrestling Rionne Fujiwara - Pacific Pro Wrestling