The Pacific Tag Team Championship is the pinnacle of tag team wrestling in Pacific Pro Wrestling. The title represents the best tag team in the Pacific. All teams must consist of two competitors. Weight class will not be a factor in the tag team division.




 Jade Diamond & Whetu
      defeated Mason Childs & Skinny D

      2013/09/21 - def Mason Childs & Skinny D at Bundamba, QLD

Bundamba, QLD, Aus


2014/04/05 Vacant
2014/07/05 Jag Hartley Jackson & Havok Harry Mills
defeated Combat Wombat & Battle Toad

      2014/07/05 - def Combat Wombat & Mickey 2 Phat at Fortitude Valley, QLD1
      2014/07/05 - loss to Australian Wolf & Koi Bombora at Fortitude Valley, QLD12
Fortitude Valley, QLD, Aus
2014/07/05 Wolves of the Sea
   Australian Wolf & Koi Bombora

      2014/07/05 - def
Jag Hartley Jackson & Havok Harry Mills at Fortitude Valley, QLD12
      2014/08/02 - def Combat Wombat & Mickey 2 Phat at Fortitude Valley, QLD12
      2014/09/06 - def Joe Haze, Thirteen & Kyote at Fortitude Valley, QLD123
      2014/10/05 - def Greg Graham & Joey Graham at Fortitude Valley, QLD12
      2014/11/01 - def Jack Rose & Natas at Bray Park, QLD12
      2014/11/22 - def Joe Haze & Tim Kade at Fortitude Valley, QLD12
      2015/02/07 - def Combat Wombat & Battle Toad at Fortitude Valley, QLD12
      2015/02/21 - def Chet Jacobs & Savage at Acacia Ridge, QLD
      2015/03/07 - def Benny Factor & Syd Parker at Fortitude Valley, QLD12
      2015/04/04 - def AJ Istria & Rufio at Fortitude Valley, QLD12
      2015/05/16 - loss to Lynx Lewis Jr & Renegade at Bundamba, QLD
Fortitude Valley, QLD, Aus
2015/05/16 The Street Revolution
   Lynx Lewis Jr & Renegade
      2015/05/16 - def Australian Wolf & Koi Bombora at Bundamba, QLD
      2015/05/23 - def Triple X Rated & Savage at Logan, QLD45
      2015/08/15 - def Chet Jacobs & Blair Seeker at Acacia Ridge, QLD

Bundamba, QLD, Aus

1 Match took place at AWA (Australian Wrestling Alliance)
2 Match also for AWA Q-League Championship
3 Teamed with Pacific/AWA Heavyweight Champion AJ Istria. All titles were on the line.
4 Match took place at Prowl Wrestling
5 Match also for Prowl Super Tag Cup Championship