The Pacific Women's Championship represents the best woman wrestler in the Pacific. Eligibility is open to any female competitor.


Madison Eagles was crowned the first Pacific Women's Champion when she defeated Storm on March 16, 2013.


2013/03/16 Madison Eagles
      Defeated Storm

      2013/03/16 - def Storm at Bundamba, QLD
      2013/05/18 - def Shazza McKenzie at Bundamba, QLD
      2013/07/13 - def Storm at Bundamba, QLD
      2013/09/21 - lost to Kellie Skater at Bundamba, QLD
Bundamba, QLD, Aus
2013/09/21 Kellie Skater

      2013/09/21 - def Madison Eagles at Bundamba, QLD
      2013/11/16 - def Storm at Bundamba, QLD
      2015/05/16 - drew Kellyanne at Bundamba, QLD
      2015/05/22 - loss to Kellyanne at Perth, WA12
Bundamba, QLD, Aus

2015/05/22 Kellyanne

      2015/05/22 - def Kellie Skater at Perth, WA12
      2015/05/30 - def Savannah Summers at Berwick, VIC23
      2015/08/15 - def Kellie Skater at Acacia Ridge, QLD
      2015/09/25 - def Vixsin, Scarlett and Izzy Shaw at Tarneit, VIC24
      2015/11/21 - def Vixsin at Bundamba, QLD
Perth, WA, Aus


1 Match took place at New Horizons Pro Wrestling
2 Match was also for Warzone Women's Championship
3 Match took place at Warzone Wrestling
4 Match took place at Platinum Wrestling