CLPgirlsVOL1front The Women of Pacific Pro Wrestling Volume 1
$20 AUD -- DVD (All regions)
+ $10 Global shipping*

The first DVD release from Pacific Pro. Features 2011 PWI Top Female Madison Eagles, SHIMMER Tag Team
Champion Kellie Skater, Shazza McKenzie, Storm and (As seen on 7 Sunrise) Mighty Mel.

1. Madison Eagles & Shazza McKenzie vs Mighty Mel & Storm (FIRST STRIKE, 16/02/13)
2. Madison Eagles vs Storm (Title Match, SECOND IMPACT, 16/03/13)
3. Madison Eagles vs Shazza McKenzie (Title Match, PART III, 18/05/13)
4. Storm vs Shazza McKenzie (ADRENALINE, 22/06/13)
5. Madison Eagles vs Storm (Title Match, EVOLUTION, 21/07/13)
6. Storm vs Kellie Skater (SURVIVAL, 24/08/13)
7. Madison Eagles vs Kellie Skater (Title Match, IGNITION, 21/09/13)

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