Johnny Lukas

From: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Debut: 2006 (PPW: 2013)
A veteran of the Queensland circuit, Lukas has toiled away over his career for very little reward. A brief tag title reign a few years ago in another organisation notwithstanding, Johnny Lukas has lacked that 'defining' moment that wrestlers base their careers on.

Made his Pacific Pro debut in July of 2013 in a losing effort to Jake Nova, was unlucky in August with a loss to a dubious Mason Childs low blow. Picked up a win over New South Wales' Bee Boy and entered the P-1 Tournament in 2014. Lost to friend and training partner AJ Istria in the first round; a match that was a strong contender for that year's match of the year voting. Lost an exhibition six-man tag match and sat out the rest of 2014 with an injury.

Returned to action in the 2015 P-1 with renewed focus and got a first round win over Thirteen. Met Istria in the second round and again came up short. After Istria won the tournament Lukas entered the ring to congratulate him. His intentions were less than noble however as this was soon followed by a cheap shot and a DDT onto the P-1 shield.


Pacific Record (2-5-0)
L - vs AJ Istria (2015/02/21 - THE P-1 TOURNAMENT)
W - vs Thirteen (2015/02/21 - THE P-1 TOURNAMENT)
L - w/ Rufio & Lucas Gold vs Lynx Lewis Jr, Renegade & Sam Richards (2014/06/21 - X)
L - vs AJ Istria (2014/02/22 - THE P-1 TOURNAMENT)
W - vs Bee Boy (2013/09/21 - IGNITION)
L - vs Mason Childs (2013/08/24 - SURVIVAL)
L - vs Jake Nova (2013/07/13 - EVOLUTION)