wolf01 Australian Wolf

From: Carina Heights, QLD, Australia
Debut: 2002 (PPW: 2013)

Tag Team Champion
(2014/07/05-2015/05/21) w/ Koi Bombora

Fighting out of Carina Heights - Mason is a legend on the Queensland circuit and has a tour of Japan under
his belt. He has established a dynasty. Not content with the treatment of his legacy, Mason returns to active
competition looking to prove a point.

The man formerly known as Mason Childs was once the undisputed leader in an emerging Queensland circuit.
Responsible for training a number of young wrestlers (and a number of the current Pacific Pro roster), Childs
retired in 2011. During his period of retirement he was inspired by the Okinawan style of wrestling in Japan
and made plans to reinvent himself - and Queensland’s wrestling scene - and return to the ring.

In late 2012, the Grindhouse Wrestling brand was born and Childs returned to the ring as the masked
Australian Wolverine. The Australian Wolverine made his first Pacific Pro appearance at Showdown in 2013,
battling the Australian-born protege of Japan’s Yoshihiro Tajiri; Rionne McAvoy (who would later take the
name Rionne Fujiwara).

2014 saw the Wolverine tweak his character and shorten his name to the Australian Wolf. He unsuccessfully
challenged AJ Istria for the Heavyweight title. In a tournament held by AWA, Wolf and Koi Bombora
(collectively The Wolves of the Sea) captured the vacant Pacific Tag titles (interimly held by Jag and Havok)
and the vacant AWA Q-League. They defended these belts together as the Queensland Tag Double Crown
against some of the top teams in the country. The Hot Rodz from South Australia and Panic from Victoria to
name a few.

In 2015 they fought off the challenge from Chet Jacobs (a Wolf trainee) and Savage. On track to hit the
elusive twelve-month reign mark a defence against The Street Revolution at Champions would unseat that
goal. We later learned that Bombora entered the match carrying an injury and the Wolves of the Sea lost
the Pacific Tag Titles

Upcoming fights:

Pacific Record (4-6-0)
L - w/ Koi Bombora vs Lynx Lewis Jr & Renegade (2015/05/16 - CHAMPIONS) - Pacific Tag Team title
W - w/ Koi Bombora vs Chet Jacobs & Savage (2015/02/21 - THE P-1 TOURNAMENT) - Pacific Tag Team title & AWA Q-League title
L - vs Koi Bombora (2014/11/15 - SHOWDOWN)
L - vs AJ Istria (2014/06/21 - X) - Pacific Heavyweight title & AWA Heavyweight title
L - vs Rionne McAvoy (2013/11/13 - SHOWDOWN)
L - w/ Skinny D vs Jade Diamond & Whetu (2013/09/21 - IGNITION) - Pacific Tag Team title
W - vs Johnny Lukas (2013/08/24 - SURVIVAL)
W - vs Alex Shepard (2013/06/22 - ADRENALINE)
W - vs The Chad Skyze (2013/05/18 - PART III)
L - vs Alex Shepard (2013/03/16 - SECOND IMPACT)