Height: 167cm / 5' 6"
Weight: 165 lbs / 75 kgs
From: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Pacific Pro's masked enigma, Mystery has done nothing but excite crowds through
2013. Through his battles with Joel Bateman for the Light Heavyweight title and
through punching above his weight in his battles with heavyweights AJ Istria and
Mitch McCarthy
, Mystery has made a name for himself.

In 2014 during a match with Jake Nova he was brutally attacked by Joe Haze. The
Management Committee gave them opportunity to settle their differences in-ring and
the resulting match saw such recklessness that both men were fined. The match ended
in a double countout. During the match Mystery removed his mask after being busted
open to aid his vsibility. After removing the mask; he has since gone by his real name -
Tim Kade.

During this time Kade began to focus a lot more on his training and developed a much
stronger and leaner body; reflected in the change from an aerial style, to a more
power based offence.

Kade started off 2015 by entering The P-1 Tournament. He came up short in the first
round against eventual winner AJ Istria. In May he challenged Lucas Gold for the Light
Heavyweight title and fell victim to Gold's nefarious tactics.

The winner of the 2014 Most Popular Wrestler poll, Kade's win/loss record leaves a lot
to be desired and he will really be aiming to turn things around.

Upcoming fights:

Pacific record (2-9-2):
L - vs Lucas Gold (2015/05/16 - CHAMPIONS) - Light Heavyweight Championship
L - vs AJ Istria (2015/02/21 - THE P-1 TOURNAMENT)
D - vs Joe Haze (2014/11/16 - SHOWDOWN)
W - vs Jake Nova (2014/06/21 - X)
L - w/ SebMax vs Lynx Lewis Jr & Renegade (2013/11/16 - SHOWDOWN)
L - vs AJ Istria (2013/09/21 - IGNITION)
L - vs Lucas Gold and SebMax (2013/08/24 - SURVIVAL)
L - vs Joel Bateman (2013/07/13 - EVOLUTION - Light Heavyweight Championship
W - vs Kelso Kahoniz (2013/06/22 - ADRENALINE)
L - vs Joel Bateman (2013/03/18 - PART III) - Light Heavyweight Championship
L - vs Mitch McCarthy (2013/03/16 - SECOND IMPACT)
L - vs Criss Creed, Jake Nova and Lucas Gold (2013/02/16 - FIRST STRIKE - Light Heavyweight Championship

Mystery, AJ Istria - Pacific Pro Wrestling Mystery, Joel Bateman - Pacific Pro Wrestling
Mystery, Kelso Kahoniz - Pacific Pro Wrestling