Kellie Skater

Height: 5' 7" / 170cm
Weight: 134 lbs / 61 kgs
From: Bacchus Marsh, Victoria Australia
Debut: 2007
Twitter: @ratetank
Merchandise: ProWrestlingTees

Women's Champion

An internationally recognised competitor, Kellie Skater is one of the top woman
wrestlers in Australia and also quite highly regarded in Japan and the United States.

She has held the SHIMMER Tag Team title in the US alongside Tomoka Nakagawa
as the Global Green Gangsters (3G).

Skater made her Pacific Pro debut by despatching Storm in August. Given her profile
the Championship Committee prioritised her challenge for the Women's title which she
lifted from Madison Eagles the next month in a match that was awarded Match of the

Through the summer of 2013/14 she had a successful tour of Japan wrestling for
Wrestle-1, Stardom, Joshi4Hope, Sendai Girls and others.

An injury and her Japanese commitments prevented her from returning to Pacific Pro
in 2014. She returned in May and fought Kellyanne in a battled that quickly degenerated
into a violent brawl. A week later the two would clash in Perth with both Skater's
Pacific title and Kellyanne's Warzone title on the line. Kellyanne walked away with the

Upcoming matches:

Pacific record (3-0-1):
D - vs Kellyanne (2015/05/16
W - vs Storm (2013/11/16 - SHOWDOWN) - Women's Championship
W - vs Madison Eagles (2013/09/21 - IGNITION) - Women's Championship
W - vs Storm (2013/08/24 - SURVIVAL)

Kellie Skater, Madison Eagles - Pacific Pro Wrestling