Alex Shepard

Height: 1.88m / 6' 2"
Weight: 80 kg / 176 lbs
From: Coalfalls, Queensland, AUSTRALIA
Debut: 2012 (PPW: 2013)

Alex Shepard wrestled Josh Haze on the first Pacific Pro show in 2013. At the time it appeared as if his career trajectory
was strong. However wrestling Mason Childs in round one of the tournament to crown the inaugural Heavyweight
champion would change him. Childs cheap-shotted Shepard and then a vicious attack would put his career off course.
Shepard contemplated retirement, but later returned to try and get one back on Childs. He wasn’t the same competitor

Following a long break Shepard returned at the 2015 P-1 Tournament as a late replacement for the injured Simon Tokoroa.
He was unsuccessful in his round one match with Hartley Jackson though showed benefits from the long hiatus. He teamed
with Astro Shock to take on Bryce McAllister and Sam Richards. Following different interpretations of the team’s strategy
and a loss, Shepard attacked Shock and claimed it was the start of something new. During the week following this Shock
and Shepard had talks and at a Prowl Wrestling show Shepard seconded Shock for his match with McAllister. He’d been
recruiting followers during the week as he was joined by a red-head calling herself ‘Rie-Belle’. The match served to convince
McAllister of the virtue of Shepard’s new way and he too joined ‘the Uprising’.

Upcoming fights:

Pacific record (2-3-0)
L - w/ Astro Shock vs Bryce McAllister (2015/05/16 - CHAMPIONS)
L - vs Hartley Jackson (2015/02/21 - THE P-1 TOURNAMENT)
L - vs Mason Childs (2013/06/22 - ADRENALINE)
W - vs Mason Childs (2013/03/16 - SECOND IMPACT)
W - vs Josh Haze (2013/02/16 - FIRST STRIKE)