Hartley Jackson

Height: 5' 11" / 180cm
Weight: 240 lbs / 110 kgs
From: Adelaide, SA, Australia
Debut: 1999 (PPW: 2014)

Tag Team Champion

One of the biggest names in Australian wrestling today, 'The South Australian Serial
Killer' Hartley Jackson (or 'Jag' as he's also been known has experienced great
success both in this country and overseas.

Trained by Col Dervany, Jackson made his debut in 1999 and won his first title in
2000. Jackson has wrestled around the country, including appearances on the
Australian Wrestling Supershow on Fox Sports in the mid 2000s.

In 2005, Jackson ventured overseas to train at the New Japan Pro Wrestling dojo in
Los Angeles, California. He trained alongside Fergal Devitt, Alex Koslov, Rocky
Romero, and Karl Anderson. Jackson wrestled for NJPW in 2006, teaming with
fellow Australian Mikey Nicholls to face Minoru Tanaka & Hirooki Goto at Korakuen
Hall. Jackson has also toured with Zero1 where he teamed with American Steve

Jackson's home promotion Wrestle Rampage (formerly NWA Pro and Zero1
Australia) has seen host to a number of Australia's best as well as some fine
international talent. In 2014, Jackson teamed with Jonah Rock to wrestle Damian
Slater and New Japan's Shinsuke Nakamura.

As the head trainer at The Pro Wrestling Dojo in Adelaide, he's had a hand in
developing a lot of Australian talent - including AJ Istria.

In 2013 Hartley Jackson captured the AWA Heavyweight Title from Mark Davis at
Grindhouse Wrestling and defended the title until he lost it to Pacific Heavyweight
Champion AJ Istria, in a match where both titles were on the line.

Following this, Jackson and Harry Mills briefly became Pacific Tag Team Champions
as part of a tournament at Grindhouse Wrestling. They won the belts in the semi-final,
but lost them to Australian Wolf & Koi Bombora in the final later that night.

Jackson made his Pacific Pro debut challenging Istria for both the AWA and Pacific
Heavyweight titles in late 2014. He was unsuccessful. Looking to make up for the loss
he entered The P-1 Tournament and made it as far as the finals. With wins over
Alex Shepard and Rufio he again fell to Istria.

Upcoming matches:

Pacific Record (2-2-0)
L - vs AJ Istria (2015/02/21 - THE P-1 TOURNAMENT) - P-1 Tournament Final
W - vs Rufio (2015/02/21 - THE P-1 TOURNAMENT)
W - vs Alex Shepard (2015/02/21 - THE P-1 TOURNAMENT)
L - vs AJ Istria (2014/11/16 - SHOWDOWN) - Pacific Heavyweight Title & AWA Heavyweight Title